Permitted Jurisdictions

June 21, 2022

EWG has been working hard behind the scenes to safely and securely expand the number of countries it can collect funds from worldwide, helping better support the professional business market in all major jurisdictions. Clients can now collect funds from more than 180 countries and territories worldwide – over 3x the number of countries it could previously!

These jurisdictions have been validated by EWG’s strict onboarding processes so we can collect funds from and send payments to all key, international territories safely and securely. The tripling from 60 countries represents a significant achievement for the company and helps us better address the needs of our global client base.

EWG supports the business community in all key jurisdictions where offices are typically located and this is complimented by a collection capability that also aligns with countries where the underlying economic activity requires and derives funding.

We adhere to a restricted list at both the account onboarding level and receipt of incoming funds. Applications are accepted from businesses located in a wide range of jurisdictions and the full list of permitted jurisdictions can be found here

Any applications received from outside of the permitted list are automatically rejected.

We can also accept funds from 180 specified locations. Any from outside this permitted list will be declined by our transaction monitoring system with the funds returned to the sender. EWG is also able to send payments to all international locations apart from those sanctioned.

Our permitted jurisdictions list is reviewed and updated periodically in line with market and regulatory conditions.

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