What our clients say about us: Oakbridge

July 27, 2022

Client: Alex Smyth
Position: Director, Funds
Company: Oakbridge

When did you start working with EWG?
Oakbridge reached out to EWG in August 2021 and after hearing their offering it was a no-brainer for us to use EWG for our clients who generally are looking to have quick turnaround times for fund launches with secure fintech partner.

What prompted you to establish the relationship?
Oakbridge values EWG’s tried and tested quick opening times and slick front face platform.

Is EWG your preferred banking partner?
For first time fund managers that generally need a quick turnaround and transaction banking solution we do not need to look further past EWG as a great local partner for us and the client.

What are the benefits to you and your clients of using EWG?
Both the online account opening process and the operating platform are slick and easy to use and we can always easily pick up the phone to the team and troubleshoot any queries we have.

What do your clients like most?
Quick opening times and utilising the FX platform to arrange competitive rates.

What aspect of the service/platform do you value most? What element of the tech is most valuable / useful to your business?
The dashboard is well laid out and quickly takes you to were you want to go with one click.

Was the power of the tech/the client platform surprising?
Yes, it was slicker than I thought it would be a very well thought out and designed.

Why would you recommend EWG?
They are now a great tried and test solution for us in regards to their online onboarding process and quick turnaround times. In regards to EWG’s onboarding of new accounts, they are responsive, transparent and are agile when considering these accounts and often give Oakbridge an answer quickly. They also have a risk healthy appetite and are thorough but also pragmatic when it comes to their risk based approach.

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