What our clients say about us: Fiduchi

June 27, 2022

Client: Heidi Thompson
Position: Executive Director
Company: Fiduchi Limited

When did you start working with EWG?
February 2021 we opened our first account.

What prompted you to establish the relationship?
We needed to find an alternative to traditional banking services, and for a partner who would look at each client on their own merits. Account opening with traditional banks has become very difficult and protracted particularly for a basic transactional account, I had received positive feedback from a third party on EWG so decided to find out more.

Is EWG your preferred banking partner?
Not at present, we still use a traditional banking provider on the whole as this was where all old clients were set up, however, we are seeing more go towards EWG for both new and old clients.

What are the benefits to you and your clients of using EWG?
EWG are very efficient and pragmatic in their approach with the ability to open accounts within 48 hours which is impressive so allows us to have a account quickly when needed.
EWG have good lines of communication to be able to deal with any queries quickly.
EWG will consider higher risk clients subject to appropriate review and whilst there is a slightly higher fee for a PEP client, it is very reasonable compared to some competitors.
EWG can give online view only access to clients.

What do your team like most?
Efficiency – ability to open accounts in a short time frame.
Approachable team.
Online payments are easy to use.

What aspect of the service/platform do you value most? What element of the tech is most valuable / useful to your business?
Easy to use both in opening a account and for online viewing/payments.

Why would you recommend EWG?
The team at EWG either the directors of KYC team are all very approachable and work with you to find a solution for your particular client situation. They are keen to ensure you have a good experience in using their system which comes across in their client service. I cannot emphasise enough the efficiency of their onboarding capabilities which are truly impressive.

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