What our clients say about us: Crestbridge

March 14, 2023

Client: Paul Hunter
Position: Director
Company: Crestbridge

When did you start working with EWG?
About two to three years ago

What prompted you to establish the relationship?
A referral from someone in the industry who had good experience with them. Conversation at a Jersey rugby game over lunch.

Is EWG your preferred banking partner?
It is becoming that way.

What are the benefits to you and your clients of using EWG?
Speed and clarity of service. Great online system. You actually get to speak to the team and the senior team are always available.

What do your team like most?
Speed, the fact that EWG aren’t clamouring for other assets and actually have an appetite for operational accounts.

What aspect of the service/platform do you value most? What element of the tech is most valuable / useful to your business?
Client responsiveness and service levels.
Online platform.

Was the power of the tech / client platform surprising?
The simplicity factor was surprising.

Why would you recommend EWG?
Service levels, tech enabled. The future of operational accounts.
Warren has been a great touch point for me personally and one of the reasons the relationship with Crestbridge continues to flourish.

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