What our clients say about us: Abdalla Kablan

January 19, 2023

Client: Abdalla Kablan, Tech Entrepreneur

When did you start working with EWG?

What prompted you to establish the relationship?
Looking for a reliable account and payments company.

Is EWG your preferred banking partner?

What are the benefits to you and your clients of using EWG?
Great, smooth and reliable service with a personal touch whenever I need help.

What aspect of the service/platform do you value most? What element of the tech is most valuable / useful to your business?
As per above plus the exchange mechanism.

Was the power of the tech/the client platform surprising?
It was a very pleasant surprise.

Why would you recommend EWG?
I genuinely appreciate the forward thinking attitude of EWG. Utilising technology to facilitate the user experience and to offer a great service. This tech-driven approach and great customer support solidifies the trust in the service offering.

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