Responding to the conflict in Ukraine

March 16, 2022

EWG has  identified and reviewed all clients for any connections to Russia, Belarus and/or Ukraine and continue to closely monitor status through daily screening.

EWG is no longer processing transactions involving the banks or regions listed below. The list is not exhaustive: 

Banks (including subsidiaries)

VTB Bank
Otkritie Bank
VEB Bank
Rossiya Bank

Regions including any bank/entity/individual located in Luhansk People’s Republic (contested region of Ukraine) and Donetsk People's Republic (contested region of Ukraine).

As a result, any transactions involving the above, or any other sanctions target, will be blocked on EWG’s system and funds may be frozen.

Further steps taken:

EWG is constantly monitoring the situation, and the imposition of any new sanctions, in close contact with banking partners.

If any new sanctions are imposed, EWG will comply without delay.

EWG’s embargoed countries list is updated immediately following changes being announced.

Transactions involving money movement to or from Russia,Ukraine or Belarus may experience delays or be blocked based on sanction checks.


UPDATE from 12pm Wednesday 9 March 2022:

EWG is now temporarily prohibiting all transactions to and from Russia and Belarus, effective from 12pm UK time, Wednesday 9 March 2022.

Due to the extent, complexity and rapidly changing nature of the sanctions being imposed, EWG is temporarily prohibiting all transactions to and from Russia and Belarus. This includes transactions to, from, and through banks or persons located in both. No new transactions to/from Russia and Belarus via EWG can be created.

We are aware of the significant impact that this may have on clients, and wider communities. We will be reviewing this situation in line with applicable sanctions laws, operational capability, and under guidance and agreement with our regulators and banking providers.

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