Real time transaction tracking

February 6, 2023

Your team are making a number of payments on behalf of a client, across multiple jurisdictions, and in multiple currencies. These transactions are likely to be time critical and not completing them on schedule could result in negative repercussions. With real-time transaction tracking you can see at a glance where the funds are and when they arrived, enabling you to pass on accurate information to your client while giving you peace of mind that your transactions have been completed successfully and accurately.

At EWG we can process transactions to and from more than 212 countries, in more than 38 currencies. More than 85% of our clients’ payments are with the beneficiary within one hour. Processing transactions quickly is only one half of our role – we know that making sure you know about it is equally as important.

EWG’s digital account platform enables you and your team to monitor, in real time, when transactions are completing all on one dashboard – without taking the time to log into multiple accounts. Our digital platform/financial transaction home screen displays how many transactions you have pending and how many transactions and payments have completed, with the detail on each. The platform allows you to produce accurate reports for clients as well as easily produce regulatory reporting. Our cutting edge tech helps you to satisfy AML regulations and also facilitates the rapid detection of fraud or even human errors, correcting them in an instant.

Automated transaction tracking is quicker and more accurate than manual transaction tracking – developing a manual transaction reporting system is incredibly time-consuming and costly, not to mention that there is always the possibility that human errors can occur in manual reporting.

Clients expect you, their Trust and Corporate Services partners to provide a key link between themselves, their entities and financial institutions, managing transactions speedily and with accuracy on their behalf. By embracing a digital platform, that has been developed specifically for your sector, your clients can be assured of the highest levels of client service.

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