Specialism in focus: International payments

April 10, 2022

When managing the accounts of multiple clients, transacting across many jurisdictions in numerous currencies, we know our clients need peace of mind that there won’t be any hold ups and that requested transactions will complete as scheduled. We have built in the ability to deliver payments internationally, quickly, reliably and securely.

We have created two types of payment, giving clients the choice of which to use, depending on the circumstances; Regular and Priority.

Regular payments are low-cost payments that can be made to 28+ countries around the world. Using our network of trusted banking partners, Regular payments are ideal for low-value transactions where time is on your side.

Priority payments let you send money anywhere, fast. You can make a payment to over 212+ countries and 95% will arrive within 24 hours or less.

And because we know how important it is to track transactions, clients receive an automatic notification every time a payment is made.

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