Client reporting - the efficient way

October 15, 2021

Client reporting is of critical importance, but that doesn’t mean it should be as time or labour intensive as it often is. By adopting cutting edge fintech solutions, a business can drive valuable time and cost efficiencies, while delivering clients the highest standards of reporting.

As many of us have experienced, generating client reports often involves many people, drawing information from multiple systems that don’t communicate with one another. This has never been more true for trust and funds administrators generating financial reports for their clients through a traditional banking platform.

There is an answer. Fintech.

Earlier this year we launched the new EWG client app after listening, not only to what our clients need in an alternative digital platform, but also to what functionality they’d like to have; their wish list. The end result is a platform that can transform the way our clients can transact for themselves or on behalf of clients.

Uniquely, all of our services can be accessed via one platform, using one log in, whether clients want to make cross border payments, manage currencies or run an international payroll. A platform that is powerful enough to enable clients to create bespoke reports at the touch of a key. A system that fully integrates with other inhouse systems via our market leading API toolkit.

Regardless of how clients choose to integrate the platform, the system will provide automatic notification when transactions complete, giving users up to the minute information on their accounts. It can provide formal account statements on demand, which can be imported directly into the client’s own system to avoid any re-key of data (e.g. for book-keeping) affording both process efficiency and error mitigation. The platform can also generate reports that can be tailored to reflect the style of reports already produced inhouse. 

And the best bit? We haven’t finished building yet. We know that the demands on our clients are constantly evolving, that the sector is moving forward at pace and so are we. Our development stack is rich and we are committed to continually enhancing our platform, embracing cutting edge tech to enable our users to deliver the highest standards of service to their own clients.

To find out more about the power of self-service, and how EWG can help you drive business efficiencies and improve client service, please contact Warren Sanders, Director, on +44 (0) 1534 601212 or email

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