60 Seconds with Warren Sanders

July 11, 2022

How did you become to be one of the founding directors of EWG or EWG Labs?
A moment of inspiration at a kid’s birthday party at the Jersey Bowling Alley with my fellow director Alan Yates.

Best piece of professional advice ever given to you?
Listen carefully.

What do new clients most value when appointing EWG as their banking partner?
Solving their banking needs quickly, efficiently and effectively through transformative technology.

Why do you think it is important that the EWG platform keeps evolving?
Every day presents an opportunity to get smarter.

Best moment at EWG?
Building our own proprietary technology stack, including a full API suite.

How do you anticipate the needs of your clients?
Gain a deep understanding of their business and processes.

What will the alternative digital banking landscape look like in the future?
Another ‘embedded process’

What external factors have most influenced your business strategy?
Inspiring client engagement.

Why are you so passionate about EWG’s offering?
The influence of our clients' shared passion for change.

What recent Fintech development has made you sit up and take note?
Being poised in the hyper-growth sector, and Covid acting as a profound trigger for aggressive digitalisation.

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