60 Seconds with Leigh Martin

January 24, 2023

How did you become to be one of the founding directors of EWG or EWG Labs?
I was introduced to Warren Sanders by Alan Yates, both my fellow founding directors, who explained what they hoped to achieve, and I immediately wanted to be part of it!

‍Best piece of professional advice ever given to you?
Don't over complicate situations, break them down and deal with them.

What do new clients most value when appointing EWG as their banking partner?
They appreciate that we understand their business, deliver services in a swift manner, and they also enjoy using the technology platform.

Why do you think it is important that the EWG platform keeps evolving?
It's an ever-changing world, and new tech is becoming increasingly accessible all the time. It's incredibly important that we embed the right solutions into our platform, constantly improving usability and functionality to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

What has been your best moment at EWG?
For me, the pinnacle has been when we rebranded and launched the new EWG platform in 2021.

‍How do you anticipate the needs of your clients?
We have regular dialogue with our clients, listening and reacting to changes in their businesses and changes in their sectors. This two-way dialogue, together with proactive monitoring of new technology, ensures we can not only anticipate the needs of clients but also exceed their expectations.

‍What will the digital banking landscape look like in the future?
Short term, further API options will become available, offering new service options.  Long term, I’d like to see a more 'click and go' integration/embedded experience for clients and for EWG.

What external factors have most influenced your business strategy?
The rapid change of technology and the opportunities to innovate in the financial services space.

Why are you so passionate about EWG’s offering?
I believe our offering fills a void for our clients, helping them generate new business/clients faster while delivering first rate service to their existing client base.

What recent Fintech development has made you sit up and take note?
Open banking and the strive for efficiency in the current macro-economic climate.

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