60 Seconds with Alan Yates

April 24, 2023

How did you become to be one of the founding directors of EWG? EWG was an idea that was discussed in a ‘now or never’ conversation with my fellow director Warren Sanders at a kid's birthday party in 2011.

Why are you so passionate about EWG’s offering? Both proud and passionate that from a blank canvas EWG has built its own proprietary technology stack, including a suite of APIs plus supporting our clients through the systems we provide and our personal client service.  

What do clients most value about EWG? Honesty, integrity and the fact we deliver exactly what we say we do.

Why do you think it is important that the EWG platform keeps evolving? In our space evolution is normal and there are always ways in which we can continue to challenge in order to improve and better our client services.  

How do you anticipate the needs of your clients? We focus 100% of our efforts on what we can do to improve the end client experience. We do this by listening to our clients to what they want from their trusted digital fintech partner and feed this back into our development programme, enabling us to deliver new services that our clients value.

How do you meet your strategic goals? Making sure we have the right team in place and that each and every team member is 100% supported. Everyone in our team plays an integral role in the EWG journey.

What will the alternative digital banking landscape look like in the future? Further adoption of 'Embedded Finance' experiences delivered through APIs, supporting frictionless client transactions.

Best moment at EWG?  Becoming the first specialist digital banking partner to support a global client base from our headquarters here in Jersey.

What recent Fintech development has made you sit up and take note? There are many... but the sheer scale and speed of technology evolution that was triggered by the COVID pandemic was astonishing.  Clients now expect, as a minimum, speed and frictionless transactions.

Best piece of professional advice ever given to you? You haven't got a hope of achieving that!

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